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Building Evaluation Services and Technology (BEST) since 1992, have been performing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Property Condition and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments Nationwide. This experience for our Lender clients has made BEST our clients' in-house experts for resolving issues on all types of multifamily properties. Working with all parties, Underwriters, Origination, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac personnel, and owners to keep the loan process moving towards closing has been the BEST goal for 27 years.

Discussions with our Lender clients to work through any issue is the BEST business philosophy. Time is critical and issues can slow down the process. BEST encourages discussions directly with the inspector to obtain clarification, options, and photographs to quickly explain and resolve issues. Bids to complete work are always important, but getting them timely is typically an issue. So 27 years of cost estimating provides fair estimates to keep the loan process moving.

BEST personnel are experienced professionals that work every day to keep the loan process moving. BEST personnel are experienced professionals that work every day to help our Lender clients through the Property Condition, Environmental Site Assessment, and Green High Performance Building process. Whether our Lender clients are experienced or new to lending, historic properties to new construction, renovated or has a renovation budget, environmental remediation in process or completed, built on a Brownfield site, or a normal site with no environmental issues, BEST has seen it all and has worked out any issue many different ways to take all of the information into consideration to provide fair conclusions to resolve loan issues. Most properties are completed and no issues, but when issues do come up, you should have BEST's team of seasoned professionals working for you.


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