Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac

BEST has been working with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loan programs since 1992. Keith Bartlett, founder and president, has been involved with the Fannie Mae DUS program sine its inception in 1988, when he performed the first approved Fannie Mae inspection and report for Reilly Mortgage in 1988. The High Performance Building Green Report provides our clients with energy savings options to reduce energy and water consumption. Experience with the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loan programs helps our lender clients resolve issues quickly, with tried and true solutions that keep the loan process moving towards closing.

Mortgage Lenders/Banks/Life Insurance Companies (over 1200 properties)

Working for our lender clients includes working with various loan programs that are very similar to the reports BEST prepares for our Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac clients. BEST reports have been used for many different loan programs sine our reports follow ASTM guidelines. Mr. Bartlett was on the original ASTM E50 committee which developed the ASTM guidelines. Experience in helping our lender through the loan process, helps our lenders move quickly to resolve issues and get solutions that keep the loan process moving towards closing

Hotels (over 800 properties)

The hotel loan process follows ASTM and BEST's experience since 1992 includes over 800 hotel projects. Many hotel projects had Property Improvement Plans (PIPs) requiring a review of the proposed renovation to meet the Franchisors requirements. Working with our lender clients to prepare the Property Condition Report, review the PIP, and PIP budget and discuss options to resolve issues helped our lender client and hotel owners by having experienced personnel to work through the issues that arise.

Health Care Facilities (over 250 properties)

Student Housing (over 200 properties)

Manufactured Housing (over 200 properties)

Affordable Housing (over 150 properties)

Shopping Centers/Malls (over 130 properties)

Office Buildings (over 85 properties)

Warehouses (over 75 properties)

Preforeclosure/Foreclosure (over 25 properties)